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If, up to this point, your creativity has been stifled by the range of colours and colour systems available, you finally have a real alternative. You can now coil-coat Reynobond« Architecture with PVDF 70/30 or DURAGLOSS« 5000. PVDF-based colours have been tried and tested for many years in the sector. However, because this standard cannot meet all your creative requirements, we have also developed our own coating and colour system exclusively for Reynobond« composite panels: DURAGLOSS« 5000.

DURAGLOSS« 5000 is a new type of High-tech coating, which optimally combines an aesthetic aspect and special durability. In terms of technical characteristics, DURAGLOSS« 5000’s colours are equal to or better than PVDFbased colours, the main one being its resistance to abrasion, salt, moisture and UV rays.

Reynobond« Wood Design is the first aluminium composite panel in the world with a wood surface, which is almost indistinguishable from real wood. Reynobond« Wood Design’s flexibility and formability mean that you can use it to create curves and 3-D elements, which are difficult to do with real wood or other imitations. Other advantages are its light weight and the fact that it is easy to use with all fastening systems. The surface is scratch-resistant and will help you make a good impression for decades to come, something we support by providing a 20-year warranty.

In nature, there are many examples of dazzling colours that change in an instant. This is due to the light being broken up in different ways by the various surface layers. Nature’s fascinating colourful effects are the result of the interplay between light, reflection, material and absorption. Reynobond« Chameleon Colours copy this process. Depending on where a person is standing, the effects of the colours change, producing a variety of nuances and shades with iridescent effects. Here, the pigment effects simulate the various layers of the skin, with their different glosses, effects and depth of colour.

Reynobond« XXL gives you the world’s first aluminium composite panels that are 1750 mm or 2000 mm wide. This opens up countless new design possibilities for architects and metal workers. Most convincing are the aesthetic aspects: with a 1750 mm or 2000 mm wide panel, you simply have fewer visible joints. Secondly, the installation times as well as the fabrication and assembly costs per square meter are reduced. Thirdly, Reynobond« XXL can be ideally combined with other 1750 mm or 2000 mm wide fašade materials such as glass, for instance. The length of the plate depends on the customer’s requirements and the methods of transport available. Reynobond« XXL can be supplied in all the colours of the Reynobond Architecture colour chart and other shades can be mixed, on request.

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